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Patrick Brown: On Hydro One, the Liberals just aren't in it for you anymore

It might surprise you to hear me say this…I think Kathleen Wynne is a good person. But I strongly disagree with her plan to sell Hydro One. It’ll mean much higher hydro bills for families. Especially for seniors and people on fixed incomes. We should be he

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Trudeau appointees tied to his family's foundation

Holly Nicholas examines the ties between Trudeau's Senate appointments and the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation. MORE: Subscribe to the Rebel’s YouT

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Patrick Brown: Why do I run?

Why do I run? I run because I like to break a sweat. On or off the pavement…Challenges are won through hard work. I run because nothing comes for free. There are no shortcuts to getting the results that matter. I run because the numbers never lie. And the

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City Hall media "have all become little Daniel Dales"

At the Council meeting on March 28, 2017, Councillor Mike Layton lamented the alternative facts being dispensed by John Tory and other Councillors and said the City Hall "media gallery have all become little Daniel Dales."

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National Advancement Party of Canad: WHO We Stand For

Statement by Stephen Garvey, Leader of the National Advancement Party of Canada (NA) on who the party stands for. For more information please see our official FB page: nationaladvancementparty Our website: Transcript of Stat

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BotMapp Case Study #2: Observing the Bots of #bcpoli

Not all Bots are bad Bots, but the ones we're revealing and investigating are today's "weapons of mass amplification." Mentionmapp already visualizes Twitter's connections and conversations. The BotMapp will be like a compass helping guide you through the

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Tout commence !

Tout commence . Alexandre jardin facebook live 18 mars 2017. SORTONS DU CADRE POUR RECADRER LE SYSTÈME ! Si je vous ai bien compris… ça ne fait que commencer ! Je vous propose un plan d’action en 3 temps dignes de nos valeurs Quelle victoire que celle des

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Why was the Mayor meeting a Vision Vancouver donor/developer on a Saturday?

Cell phone video exclusively obtained by theBreaker, showing Mayor Gregor Robertson meeting Westbank Projects president Ian Gillespie on May 23, 2015 at Shaw Tower in Vancouver.

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Istvan Marko interview on ADDE

Professor Istvan Marko explains that COP21 results in nothing as the agreement is nonbinding. Carbon dioxide is plant food and has resulted in the greening of the Earth. He explains that wind and solar power requires large subsidies with back-up from conve

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Flawed study calls for MORE gun control

Brian Lilley explains how the Canadian Paediatric Society, with an assist from the Media Party, are using a flawed study to fear monger about kids and guns. MORE: Subscribe to the Rebel’s YouTube channel: PLUS http://w

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Woven into Canada’s draft federal vaping regulations is a contradiction, which could undermine every aspect of the legislation. If Bill S-5 is enacted ‘as is’ no person in Canada whether a vaper, retailer, e-liquid manufacture or doctor, lawyer and member

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Turn the Page

A Community Service Learning project by the 2nd degree Social Work class of 2018 against the closure of 54 Newfoundland & Labrador libraries.

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Hydro Bill Madness

Your hydro bill is going up so Kinder Morgan and Petronas' PNW fracked gas plant can have cheap power from the Site C dam. Wait, what!? Read the report and take action at Tell your election candidates to take a stand again

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Disturbed - Land Of Confusion [Official Music Video]

Chicago, Illinois metal band Disturbed has successful mixed aggressive riffs and vocals with a melodic approach to form a winning formula that has earned the band a large following. Disturbed has sold over 10 million albums worldwide and was nominated for

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Correction facilities aren't correcting || STEVE HARVEY

Steve chats with Calvin, Michelle and Colonel Mark from the A&E docu-series, “60 Days In.” Subscribe now to the STEVE HARVEY YouTube channel: Find out where to watch in your city here: Get more Steve Ha

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The beginning of the end for a free Canada

Justin Trudeau and his Muslim cabinet are pleased to have made the first steps in erasing the constitutional rights of Canadians in the name of Islam.

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22 Minutes: Murdoch Mysteries | CBC

Exclusive clip of Prime Minister Stephen Harper guest starring on the popular Canadian Television Drama, Murdoch Mysteries. Watch 22 Minutes Tuesdays at 8:30pm on CBC TV. Subscribe: Watch CBC: About CBC

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McMaster U. MELTDOWN (with Subtitles) - SJW insanity vs Jordan Peterson's monk-like calm

I've created subtitles for the indoor portions of this video. Jordan Peterson offers incredibly important advice on the appropriate way to respond to tense situations with disruptive protestors - advice that was quite literally lost in the noise of the non

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Exposed: NDP MLA Admits NDP BCUC Plan for Site C is a Sham

Does John Horgan agree with his Site C expert that the project would not pass BCUC?

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