The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (Live In Texas '75)

For more info - - Filmed at The Summit in Houston, Texas on 20 November 1975, this concert captures a typically i

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Jane Fonda Rips Justin Trudeau: Don't Be Fooled by 'Good-Looking Liberals'

Actress Jane Fonda is disappointed with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for approving pipelines from the Alberta oil sands, and she's warning people not to be fooled by "good-looking liberals" on environmental issues.

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World Leaders on Instagram 2016

Executive Summary Instagram may not have the reach of its better-known social media rivals, but it has an ever-increasing following - something world leaders and their advisors have not been slow to recognize. The heads of state and government and foreign

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Jane Fonda critique Justin Trudeau sur ses promesses

La vedette hollywoodienne Jane Fonda joint sa voix à celle des leaders autochtones canadiens pour dénoncer l'approbation récente par le premier ministre Justin Trudeau de deux pro

Helicopter pilot opens up about Jane Fonda’s oilsands tour: ‘she was being given so much misinformation’

Paul Spring, the owner of Phoenix Heli-Flight, has flown several celebrities in his chopper over the years. While he feels a bit of the heat, Spring said he uses the time to provide the celebs with a bit of perspective.

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Jane Fonda Calls Out "Pretty Faced Neoliberal" Trudeau

Jane Fonda calls out Trudeau for betraying his own people through promises made. Jimmy Dore breaks it down. Get Tickets For Jimmy Dore Live At Flappers Burbank, CA on Jan 30 ▶ Subscribe Here ▶

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'Kicking us while we are down': pro-oilsands groups react to Jane Fonda's Fort McMurray tour

Groups in favour of oilsands development say Hollywood actor Jane Fonda shouldn’t be visiting Fort McMurray to criticize the oilsands when the region is struggling with a slumping economy and recovering from one of Canada’s costliest natural disasters.

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Don’t be fooled by ‘good-looking Liberals,’ says Jane Fonda of Justin Trudeau | Toronto Star

The Hollywood icon joined indigenous leaders in raising concerns about the Alberta oilsands and said the prime minister has “betrayed” the promises he made on climate change.

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Jane Fonda on Trudeau: Don't be 'fooled by good-looking Liberals' | Toronto Star

Jane Fonda is slamming Justin Trudeau, saying the prime minister has "betrayed" promises he made at the 2015 Paris climate talks. The U.S. actor was in Edmonton Wednesday, a day after visiting Fort McMurray, Alta.

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Jane Fonda joins list of activist celebs to tour the oilsands

Jane Fonda is in Fort McMurray, Alta., today to meet with Indigenous leaders and get an aerial tour of the oilsands. The Oscar-winning actress and fitness guru joins a growing list of activist celebrities who've felt compelled to see the industrial develop

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Jane Fonda slams Justin Trudeau over climate efforts – video

Actor Jane Fonda criticises Justin Trudeau while speaking in Edmonton on Wednesday, saying the Canadian prime minister ‘betrayed’ what he committed to in the Paris climate talks

Don't be fooled by 'good-looking Liberals:' Fonda on Trudeau's climate action

EDMONTON — As far as Jane Fonda is concerned, there's only one lesson to be drawn from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's recent approval of two oilsands pipeline projects.

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IN PHOTOS: Jane Fonda tours Alberta oilsands, urges Canada to listen to First Nations

During a visit to Fort McMurray Tuesday, actor and longtime environmental activist Jane Fonda said Canada should listen to aboriginal people when they express concerns about resource development.

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Fort McMurray First Nation distances itself from Jane Fonda's oilsands tour

Fort McMurray No. 468 First Nation is distancing itself from Jane Fonda's tour of the oilsands and from one of its members who endorses the Hollywood actress's message.

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Jane Fonda - Panel Discussion on Pipelines

Activist and actress Jane Fonda speaks at a panel discussion about how the recently approved pipelines and tar sands expansion projects conflict with Canada and Alberta’s commitments to Indigenous rights and reconciliation. She is introduced by Melina Labo

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Greenpeace campaigner sees uptick in hateful comments after Jane Fonda visit

A Greenpeace campaigner has seen a recent uptick in the amount of vitriolic comments he’s received online after Jane Fonda’s visit to the oilsands.

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There's Still Time For Jane Fonda To Change Her Views On Alberta Oil

One thing stands out when reading about Jane Fonda, who visited the Fort McMurray region this week. She seems, sometimes at least, to learn from her mistakes. Let's face it; in the world of superficial Hollywood activism populated by the likes of Leo DiCap

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Jane Fonda Starts Next Big Environmental Protest At Oil Sands Site

Jane Fonda arrived in Fort McMurray, Alberta Tuesday to protest the provincial oil sands site, where oil deposits are literally extracted from sand.

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Jane Fonda on the tar sands: ‘We’re running out of time’

Jane Fonda and colleagues from the entertainment industry toured the Alberta tar sands this week, part of a small delegation led by members of Indigenous communities. “The giant multinational extractive industries have known that what they are doing is cau

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