AP: 'Apprentice' cast and crew say Trump was lewd and sexist

NEW YORK (AP) — In his years as a reality TV boss on "The Apprentice," Donald Trump repeatedly demeaned women with sexist language, according to show insiders who said he rated female contestants by the size of their breasts and talked about which ones he'

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Leonard Cohen - Suzanne

Perhaps his most memorable song from Canadian poet/songwriter & performer Leonard Cohen. Cohen specified, notably in a BBC interview, that the song was about encountering Suzanne Verdal, the then wife of sculptor Armand Vaillancourt, in a Montreal setting.

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First Hill Streetcar Opens With Lessons For Future Lines

The First Hill streetcar loads passengers on Jackson Street at Fifth Avenue. (Photo by the author) Seattle’s new streetcar route, the First Hill line, finally opened on Saturday. Despite the cold and rain, months of tantalizingly empty test runs and the pr

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You think she's happy Donald Trump was elected President of the United States - SJW

You think she's happy Donald Trump was elected President of the United States . other videos to watch: Anti-Trumpers Are Absolutely Un-Glued and Bloodthirsty - 11/9/16 TheDailyTrump Anti-Trump protesters bully women in Chicago - Nov 9 2016 Midnight Cruiser

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Guns N' Roses - Civil War [Music Video] [1991]

Guns N' Roses merchandise ► This is my own fan made Guns N' Roses - Civil War music video. I do not own the song or any of the footage shown in this video, but I mixed the clips together and created the video. All rights are reserved

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Democrats & GOP War Hawks Align in Lunatic Russia Manipulation of American People

Sources & Links Below, Click SHOW MORE: Despite not producing ONE piece of tangible, objective evidence that Russia interfered with our elections, Democrats have aligned with Neo-conservative War Hawks to launch five investigation into Trump/Russia campaig

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The E-Cigarette Ban: A Win for Liars and Big Tobacco

This article is part of the Green Watch series. Summary: Bureaucrats and politicians often cite “science” as justification for their efforts to exercise control over Americans’ lives. It’s a fake, politicized “science,” of course. When science suggests tha

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Rupert Murdoch Has Gamed American Politics Every Bit as Thoroughly as Britain’s

Australian-born billionaire Rupert Murdoch has manipulated not just the news but the news landscape of the United States for decades. He has done so by pressuring the Federal Communications Commission and Congress to alter the laws of the land and regulato

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AP Exclusive: Trump campaign chief linked to Putin interests

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, secretly worked for a Russian billionaire to advance the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin a decade ago and proposed an ambitious political strategy to undermin

DIVIDED AMERICA: Town and country offer differing realities

ROCKY FORD, Colo. (AP) — From where Peggy Sheahan stands, deep in rural Colorado, the last eight years were abysmal. Otero County, where Sheahan lives, is steadily losing population. Middle-class jobs vanished years ago as pickling and packing plants close

What's Next for U.S.-Russia Relations? Stephen Cohen & Ken Roth on Trump, Hacking & Tillerson - We turn now to take a broader look at U.S.-Russian relations in the wake of Donald Trump’s election. On Tuesday, Trump officially nominated Rex Tillerson, chair and CEO of ExxonMobil, to be secretary of state. Tillerson is known t

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Leonard Cohen recites “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae | Legion Magazine

Rest in Peace Leonard Cohen. Just last fall, Legion Magazine and Leonard Cohen released a video to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the poem “In Flanders Fields” by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae In a poignant tribute to McCrae, Canadian songwriter, pa

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Trump Can Fix It, by Conrad Black, National Review

It is hard to believe that this clangorous campaign of defamations is in its last week. Of course, in the first year of Donald Trump’s largely self-financed campaign, which broke all records for the sale of silly T-shirts, hats, and badges, his pandering w

It's Time for Conservatives to Blackball Donald Trump, by Ian Tuttle, National Review

And just like that, the Republican presidential contest has veered into Todd Akin territory. In a taped Wisconsin townhall with MSNBC voters, set to air Wednesday evening, Donald Trump says that, if abortion becomes illegal in the United States, the mother

Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees — Separating Fact from Hysteria, by David French, National Review

To read the online commentary, one would think that President Trump just fundamentally corrupted the American character. You would think that the executive order on refugees he signed yesterday betrayed America’s Founding ideals. You might even think he ba

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SR 1346 – Putin & Trump Agree in 1st Phone Call to Normalize Relations

Visit our website now: - considered by informed insiders’ as THE ultimate resource for fixing the National Debt problem and surviving Economic or Financial Collapse/Crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about Washington and tod

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The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Official Lyric Video)

Lyric video for “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones. Gimme Shelter Directed by: Hector Santizo Composers: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards Producers: Julian Klein, Robin Klein, Mick Gochanour, Hector Santizo (C) 2016 ABKCO Music & Records, Inc. Download or st

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"Trump CAN'T tell us what to do" Chris Wallace vs Reince Priebus HEATED debate

‘That’s what they have in dictatorships’: Chris Wallace rips Priebus for wanting a ‘state-run media’ Chris Wallace Rips Reince Priebus Over Trump’s Attacks on Media: ‘You Don’t Get to Tell Us What to Do’ A combative Chris Wallace called out Trump Chief of

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Russia scholar Stephen Cohen shuts down CNN shill host who tries to link Trump to Putin

Trump: trying to end new Cold War. Russian Scholar Stephen Cohen says Donald Trump is being wrongly linked to Putin and criticized because he's trying to end the new Cold War.

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5 Leonard Cohen Lyrics That Express Our Political Times Perfectly

Leonard Cohen wasn't a particularly political lyricist. He was concerned with the human condition, and he spent more than his share of time peeking into the darkest corners of the human soul. But, to paraphrase Nietzsche, if you stare into the abyss long e

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Listen to Canadian legend Leonard Cohen recite ‘In Flanders Fields’ on Remembrance Day

Listen to legendary Canadian singer Leonard Cohen recite the iconic poem “In Flanders Fields,” a beautiful recording that’s resurfaced as Canadians honour Nov. 11.

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An ancient text gets new life

Almost 500 years ago, the Catholic Church censored this Jewish volume. Now, Canadian conservationists have restored it to its original glory. There’s no time like the present, the adage goes, especially in this case. With all its technological advances and

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Trump Victory Exposes Media Bias

There is little more to be said about the election result. Though my preference was known to readers and has been favored by the voters, I am disconcerted by the divisions that have arisen among former allies, especially between thoughtful conservatives. I

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This Is No ‘New Cold War’; It’s Far Worse Than That

Eric ZUESSE: During the Cold War, the two sides agreed that any war between the capitalist side and the communist side would escalate to nuclear war between the US and the USSR and constitute Mutually Assured Destruction (M.A.D.). Therefore, because of thi

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US Refusal to Cooperate With Russia Against International Terrorism May Be the Worst Casualty of the New Cold War

Nation contributing editor Stephen F. Cohen and John Batchelor continue their weekly discussions of the new US-Russian Cold War. (Previous installments are at The discussion briefly updates the growing military confrontation on Russia’s Wes

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