Fraud victim has 'brutal' 3-year battle with Walmart and Equifax over damaged credit

When thieves applied for a Walmart MasterCard under Olga Milman's name and racked up $1,500 in charges, police determined it was a clear case of fraud, yet the victim had to fight for three years to get Walmart and Equifax to correct her damaged credit rec

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Latest speculation on Lepreau II 'beating a dead horse'

The idea of a second nuclear power plant at Point Lepreau has been kicked around since the 1980s — most recently in a Feb. 15 opinion piece by former premier Frank McKenna. But Green Party leader David Coon says McKenna is “dreaming in Technicolor” if he t

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Alberta Energy Regulator rejects Suncor oilsands tailing pond strategy

The Alberta Energy Regulator says the oilsands giant's application did not satisfy regulatory requirements and it must submit a new proposal.

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Do you trust the banks to put service above profit?

A CBC investigation into high pressure tactics by banks to sell services has resulted in streams of e-mail from employees of all the major banks saying it's common practice. Where do you draw the line between selling needed services and chasing profits? Jo

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When Canada turns 150: Time to get the BNA Act into Canadian hands, former archivist says

The single most important document in Canadian history can be identified in a few different ways, but this is the rather inelegant alphanumeric designation that’s required to locate, observe and touch — under strict supervision, and only ever with white gl

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fmi*igf Chapters: fmi*igf provides employee development training programs for financial professionals members of accountancy professional bodies.

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Rob Chipman\\\'s personal blog about real estate, the Chilcotin, Cariboo and off grid properties and real estate, politics, tech and Web 2.0, real estate 2.0 and community events.

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C-23: Preclearance Act, 2016

C-23, This bill allows preclearance in each country of travellers and goods bound for the other country. Part 1 of the enactment authorizes United States preclearance officers to conduct preclearance in Canada of travellers and goods bound for the United S

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'We're dancing in the streets' over payday loan changes, says credit counsellor

Enforcing regulations for payday loans will be difficult but it will keep people from spiralling into troublesome debt, says the head of Credit Counselling Services N.L.

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Province non-committal on St. John's taxi licence request

Service NL Minister Eddie Joyce says both the province and the City of St. John's have agreed to meet at month's end to decide the best way forward on taxi safety.

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Towing industry wants to charge more as Toronto looks to crack down on kickbacks

The City of Toronto plans to overhaul how it governs towing companies — an industry plagued with illegal kickbacks given to drivers who take damaged vehicles to a particular garage.

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Huge Win For Condo Owners & Buyers As Bill 106 Passes Third Reading

The Provincial Government has finally passed two important pieces of legislation to help protect consumers under Bill 106. The, Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015 (PCOA, 2015) and the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 as part of the PCOA, 2015

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Did Trudeau make the right decision on the oil pipelines?

The Trudeau government gives the 'go ahead' to two controversial pipelines, and kills another. Opponents say they'll fight to the end to kill the first two. Did Trudeau get it right?

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Donkin Mine begins producing coal in Cape Breton

Donkin Mine began producing coal Tuesday, reviving an industry that went into hibernation in 2001 with the closing of the Prince Colliery in Point Aconi.

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30,000 Signatures and Climbing!!

As we approach 30,000 signatures I wanted to post an update. First, a HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone from all over the World who has signed this position, stated your position on this issue, spoke up for the innocent animals, and most importantly, to

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Millions of vehicles with potentially dangerous recalls still on road

Millions of vehicles in Canada, an estimated one in six, have an outstanding safety recall, and auto industry experts say not enough is being done to fix them.

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Murphy Oil fined $173K for spill of 9,000 barrels near Peace River

The Alberta Energy Regulator has levied a fine against Murphy Oil for a 2015 spill that let loose 1.5 million litres of petroleum product near Peace River.

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Looming changes to Ontario workplace laws have businesses worried, unions optimistic

Businesses in Ontario are spooked by the wide scope of possible changes to the province's labour and employment laws currently under consideration.

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Ontario spent 5 years studying whether to pay for sight-saving surgery — but there's still no answer

Opposition parties blasted the Wynne government Wednesday, saying the Liberals have spent five years studying whether to fund sight-saving surgery — and still don't have an answer.

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Fort McMurray First Nation distances itself from Jane Fonda's oilsands tour

Fort McMurray No. 468 First Nation is distancing itself from Jane Fonda's tour of the oilsands and from one of its members who endorses the Hollywood actress's message.

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NEB to restart Energy East pipeline approval process

The National Energy Board has thrown out previous rulings on TransCanada's Energy East pipeline and will start the process over from scratch.

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Vale asks to delay schedule for Voisey's Bay underground mine

Natural Resources Minister Siobhan Coady says Vale has asked to delay the expansion of its nickel mine in northern Labrador.

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Auditor General slams province for doing little to keep winter road network

Wally Turner had never seen boats out on the Moose River in December until this week, days after the Ontario auditor general slammed the government for ignoring the winter roads of the far north.

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