Study: Warming giving US type of weather we prefer _ for now

WASHINGTON (AP) — Global warming has mostly made the weather more pleasant for Americans over the last 40 years, which may explain why much of the public doesn't rank climate change as big a threat as do scientists and the rest of the world, a new study su

Do fracking activities cause earthquakes? Seismologists and the state of Oklahoma say yes

A special session of the world's top seismologists presented research concluding that changes in underground pressure as a result of fracking and deep well injection are causing earthquakes. Now the question is what to do about it.

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It's not just Alberta: Warming fueled fires are increasing

WASHINGTON (AP) — Alberta's unusually early and large fire is just the latest of many gargantuan fires on an Earth that's grown hotter with more extreme weather. Earlier this year, large wildfires hit spots on opposite ends of the world — Tasmania and Okla

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The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter (Official Lyric Video)

Lyric video for “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones. Gimme Shelter Directed by: Hector Santizo Composers: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards Producers: Julian Klein, Robin Klein, Mick Gochanour, Hector Santizo (C) 2016 ABKCO Music & Records, Inc. Download or st

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Oklahoma fracking industry asked to help reduce earthquakes

State regulators on Monday asked oil and natural gas producers in central Oklahoma to decrease their wastewater disposal operations to try to temper the sharp increase in the number and severity of earthquakes in the energy-rich state.

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Cracked and crumbling in Oklahoma — the legacy of fracking

There are hundreds, if not thousands of stories of people in Oklahoma shouldering the burden of damage caused by earthquakes. There is no longer any debate. Activities around hydraulic fracturing are to blame. Now the question is how to deal with the damag

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Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004) - Box Office Mojo

Fahrenheit 9/11 summary of box office results, charts and release information and related links.

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Province announces $13 million climate change initiative for First Nations communities

THUNDER BAY – Whether it be shortened seasons for winter roads or flooding from late winter rainfalls, remote First Nations communities are experiencing the effects of climate change. To help First Nations communities predict the impacts of climate change

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Scientists Report New Record Low for Sea Ice in Winter

Meanwhile, the National Snow and Ice Data Center reported Wednesday Arctic Ocean sea ice grew last winter to the lowest maximum extent ever recorded, in another sign that human-driven global warming is irrevocably changing the planet. The record low extent

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Fracking Industry-Linked Earthquakes in Oklahoma Crack Political Party Lines

Sara Winsted, a resident of Edmond, Oklahoma, an upscale Oklahoma City suburb, won’t be surprised if her house falls down before state legislators take action to stop the earthquakes. 

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Insurers shun risk as oil-linked quakes soar in Oklahoma

As the number of earthquakes in Oklahoma exploded into the hundreds in the last few years, nearly a dozen insurance companies moved to limit their exposure, often at the expense of homeowners, a Reuters examination has found.

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Record 5.6M quake felt across Oklahoma, midwest

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) - A strong, serious earthquake rattled parts of Oklahoma Saturday morning.The quake registered as a 5.6-magnitude in preliminary reports, and several aftershocks have been recorded.Saturday's quake was centered about 9 miles northwest

Oklahoma earthquake: 37 wells ordered to shut down after scientists' warning

A magnitude 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma has brought fresh attention to the practice of disposing oil and gas field wastewater deep underground. The United States Geological Survey said the quake happened at 7.02am on Saturday, in north-central Oklahoma, on

Oklahoma Earthquake 5.6 Prompts Shutdown of 37 Fracking Wastewater Wells | ThereAreNoSunglasses on

Oklahoma quake prompts shutdown of gas-linked wells Doug Stanglin One of the largest earthquakes in Oklahoma rattled the Midwest on Saturday all the way from Nebraska to North Texas. Time (Photo: Paul Hellstern The Oklahoman, AP) 106

Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma Amid Warnings of ‘Inherent’ Fracking Risks | Truthdig: Drilling Beneath the Headlines

A 5.6-magnitude quake, one of the strongest in Oklahoma’s history, shook a seven-state area. And “it could have been prevented,” said a leading activist.

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Oklahoma rocked by natural gas well explosion

A natural gas well exploded in Oklahoma Thursday afternoon, with reports of multiple injuries in Pittsburg County. A number of state and local emergency agencies responded to the well explosion, which occurred near the town of Quinton, about 150 miles east

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Muslim students asked 'Do you beat your wife?' by Oklahoma lawmaker

Muslim students visiting an Oklahoma lawmaker's office in the state capitol were required to fill out a form that asked if they beat their wives and other questions that offended them, an Islamic advocacy group said.

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Winter Forecast: Classic Canadian winter welcomed home

It's a return to the classic Canadian winter weather this year, a sharp contrast to the exceptionally mild winter season Canadians witnessed in 2015-2016.

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Moser Baer CD-R 100 - Moser Baer, Blank CD's, - manufac

These Moser Baer discs are a set of highly advanced discs that enables high-speed recording and storing of data as well as audio and video files. It has a capacity of 700 MB. It is made up of poly carbonate material. It comes with UV Lacquer protection. R

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Le consentement expliqué avec une tasse de thé

La notion de consentement sexuel expliquée le plus simplement du monde: avec des bonhommes allumettes et une tasse de thé.

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ELA research shows climate change impacting lake trout size

VERMILLION BAY – Warming water from climate change is beginning to encroach on the habitat of Northwestern Ontario’s cold water fish.  Research conducted at the Experimental Lakes Area shows the region’s temperature has warmed 0.4 C over each of the last f

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What We Know About CO2, Global Atmospheric Temperatures

Why can scientists better measure atmospheric temperatures from satellites than surface temperatures from ground thermometers?

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A Weather Buoy Near the North Pole Just Hit Melting Point

A weather buoy floating 144 km (90 miles) south of the North Pole registered 0.4 degrees Celsius (32.7 Fahrenheit) yesterday, and if the North Pole follows suit as expected , it will have officially hit melting point.

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