ICYMI: Trey Gowdy OWNS Black Lives Matter Advocate And Ethnics Studies Professor

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Nursing homes 'totally inappropriate' for young adults with disabilities

A 25-year-old woman with cerebral palsy who lives at a Halifax nursing home says she's been choked, scratched, bruised and harassed by other patients, and says such facilities are no place for a young person with disabilities.

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Physician’s family fractured after child with cerebral palsy denied entry to Canada

A Brazilian family, residents of Calgary for more than five years, continues to await a change of heart from Immigration Canada on the application of their 10-year-old son who has cerebral palsy and remains in Brazil.

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Woman with cerebral palsy denied extra home care

A Halifax woman with cerebral palsy seeking more home care hours from the province was officially denied on Wednesday.

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10: How our future depends on a girl at this decisive age | Comment cet âge déterminant chez les filles conditionne notre avenir

*registration will open at 8:30AM* le français suit Join Global Affairs Canada, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights for the annual launch of the UNFPA flagship State of World Population Report.  The Uni

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Kids needing OHIP funding for surgery tangled in 'catchment area' red tape

With life-changing surgery, Fiona Santos’s daughter could one day walk. But instead, she’s caught in bureaucratic red tape which has her bouncing back and forth between doctors and hospitals.

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A Muslim Beats a Dutch Girl in Holland .

A Muslim Beats a Dutch Girl in Holland . via Natan Epstein Really IDF?? Really? Is he really a muslim?? How can you tell? Does it say muslim on his forehead? And why would that information be necessary? He could be a Jew... We don't know but still who care

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The Troggs - With A Girl Like You

Subscribe to The Best Of for more classic music history, videos and playlists: "With A Girl Like You' was a number one hit in the UK in 1966 when fashions in both America and UK came from a small well known street in London (Carnaby St

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OMA surprised by order to disclose OHIP billings: source | Toronto Star

The physicians’ association may try to halt release of MD-identified OHIP billings and seek a judicial review of the privacy commission’s decision.

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Hamilton man fights for cancer treatment not covered by OHIP

A Hamilton man is being forced to raise the money to pay for his cancer treatments because the drug that he says could help him isn’t covered by OHIP.

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Mount Pearl trumps St. John's in backyard-rink fundraiser

A popular ice rink in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's hosted the annual Twin Cities Winter Classic over the weekend, pitting rivals St. John's and Mount Pearl together — the name of four charities.

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Teen awarded $5M for disabilities due to 'traumatic' birth

A B.C. judge has awarded a disabled 16-year-old more than $5.2 million in damages after finding her cerebral palsy was the result of failures on the behalf of a nurse and doctor involved in her delivery.

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Stephen Hume: Disabled woman faces government threats, nightmarish process over three cents interest

A. J. Brown, the artist challenged by deafness and cerebral palsy yet forced to live in poverty because the provincial government claws back her Canada Pension Plan disability benefits, sends me the official monthly financial disclosure form she must submi

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Minister Glavine must help woman with cerebral palsy to stay in her home

PC health critic wants Liberals to stop the ‘bureaucratic BS’ HALIFAX, NS – Progressive Conservative Heath critic Chris d’Entremont wants Health Minister Leo Glavine to stop the ‘bureaucratic BS’ a…

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Teen's passion for horses brings Children's Wish teen to Calgary Stampede

18-year old Aaron Ruperd is in Calgary to watch the rodeo, chuckwagon races and all the horse shows the Stampede has to offer. And he got white-hatted at the airport when he arrived too.

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Province claws back wife's death benefits from 'Daddy Bent-Legs'

The B.C. government has clawed back almost $20,000 in death benefits coming to Neil Matheson from the Canada Pension Plan into which his late wife paid for 17 years, writes the single dad, who gets disability payments because he has cerebral palsy. The que

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Canadian babies continue to suffer irreversible brain damage due to untreated jaundice

Canada’s largest malpractice insurer is warning babies continue to suffer catastrophic complications

“All I am trying to do is live my life.” Disabled woman fights bureaucrats and politicians

Gerianne Hull, who has cerebral palsy, is fighting to get additional home care supports so that she can continue to live an independent life in the community. Leo Glavine, the minister of Health a…

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Taking apart wheelchair is to 'take apart your legs,' says man grounded by Air Canada

Since Tim Rose was told by Air Canada that his motorized wheelchair was too big to fit on one of its aircraft, he says he has received an overwhelming amount of support online, stories that have even sparked a hashtag: #WheelchairsArentLuggage.

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