Canada's Liberal Party Passes Anti-Islamophobia Motion M103; Muslims Speak Out Against It (REACTION)

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party in Canada has passed a controversial “anti-Islamophobia” motion (M103) which was tabled by a Liberal MP by woman named Iqra Khalid. Ms. Khalid was born in Pakistan and moved in her youth to UK, then eventually to Canada perma

Jewish-Muslim group ask Trudeau to defeat motion condemning Islamophobia

An interfaith group is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to defeat a private member’s motion that condemns Islamophobia and calls on Parliament to develop a strategy to eliminate it. David Nitkin and Tariq Khan, co-chairs of Muslim Jewish Dialogue o

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Police investigating comments at Al-Quds Day rally

Toronto police have launched a hate crimes investigation into comments made by the former head of Palestine House who called for the widespread murder of Israelis. “We have received a complaint with regards to things said at the Al-Quds Day rally. There is

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46 per cent of Canadians negative toward Israeli gov’t: poll

A large plurality of Canadians holds an unfavourable view of the Israeli government, which is not reflected in Ottawa’s pro-Israel policies, according to a new poll co-sponsored by two groups that are harsh critics of the Jewish state. The government of Ca

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650 Million to Foreign Women - Trudeau Gives Terrorist Citizenship

Canada to champion sexual and reproductive health and rights around the world Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marked International Women's Day by promising $650 million for reproductive health and rights around the world. The money, which will be invested ov

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Catholic school boards paid for students to attend anti-abortion rally

Thousands of people gathered on Parliament Hill Thursday for the annual March For Life anti-abortion rally, including some Catholic high school students whose transportation costs were covered by publicly-funded school boards. contacted all 29 E

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Quebec woman ordered to remove hijab back in court

Lawyers for a woman who was denied a court appearance because of her hijab were back in court Thursday seeking a legal opinion on the rights of Quebecers who want access to justice while wearing religious attire.

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Hugely Successful Non Partisan Pro Pipeline Rally Held at Alberta Legislature - Energy News for the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry |

A pro pipeline rally was held at the Alberta Legislature on Wednesday, November 2, 2016.  It was a non partisan family friendly event with over 200 people in attendance.  There were speakers and attendees there from grassroots, industry (and industry advoc

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REMEMBERING BREITBART Declares War on the Media

Courtesy of the motion picture Hating Breitbart Andrew Breitbart declares war on the mainstream media in the wake of their dishonest "Fake News" coverage of the James O'Keefe & Hannah Giles undercover investigation into ACORN. The journalism performed by O

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Islamophobia bill: Irqa Khalid, Irwin Cotler offer conflicting takes on their conversation

Human rights activist and former Liberal MP and minister Irwin Cotler denies he told Irqa Khalid that defining 'Islamophobia' would water down her motion.

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What Is Canada Doing Celebrating Hijab Day?

The outrage is that Hijab Solidarity Day will be taking place under the auspices of the City of Ottawa, the capital of Canada. It is not the role of a democratic government to celebrate religious symbols or to help religions proselytize. The government's

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Canada's War on Islamophobia?

There's an old saying that I heard on the television show "The West Wing", where President Josiah Bartlet says "the pessimist says there's no way things could get any worse, but the optimist says oh yes they can!". Every time I've seen the political discou

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AP EXCLUSIVE: Text of Syria cease-fire deal

The following is the text of the Syria cease-fire agreement reached by the United States and Russia on Sept. 9, 2016. While the truce appears to have all but collapsed amid Syrian government and rebel violations, Washington and Moscow say they're committed

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GTA Reception & Rally with Maxime Bernier

This event is a special opportunity to meet Maxime and hear from him directly about the future of Canada. Please feel free to share this invitation with others who may be interested.   Maxime Bernier has been making bold policy announcements across Canada,

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Muslim misconceptions: The everyday Islamophobia facing Canadians

From assumed links to terrorism to suggestions women are living in oppression, Muslim Canadians say Islamophobia is thriving.

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A Word To The Criminal Migrant

We’ve had enough. The tide is turning. Multikultistan: A house of horrors for ordinary Germans Germany descends into lawlessness. “We are losing control of the streets”

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