Greens in crisis as May mulls quitting over BDS vote

Federal Green party Leader Elizabeth May is contemplating stepping down from her role after party members voted to adopt a policy in support of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel, despite her vocal opposition to it. Followi

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AP EXCLUSIVE: Text of Syria cease-fire deal

The following is the text of the Syria cease-fire agreement reached by the United States and Russia on Sept. 9, 2016. While the truce appears to have all but collapsed amid Syrian government and rebel violations, Washington and Moscow say they're committed

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Trudeau unapologetic about Commons absences

OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is making no apologies for appearing in the House of Commons only two days per week during this fall’s session of Parliament. Trudeau says Parliament is not addressing Canadians’ problems thanks to the hyper-partisans

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Electoral Reform Townhall - London, Ontario Ridings

Please join Peter Fragiskatos (M.P., London North Centre), Irene Mathyssen (M.P., London Fanshawe), Karen Vecchio (M.P., Elgin-Middlesex-London) and Kate Young (M.P., London West), for a townhall on Electoral Reform. This consultation session is open to al

Prime Minister's Office tweets still blurring party lines

OTTAWA — The Prime Minister’s Office has toned down — but not halted altogether — its use of Stephen Harper’s PMO-operated Twitter account to direct people to Conservative party websites, despite questions about whether the practice violates the government

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Don't change Canada's electoral system without parliamentary unanimity or a national referendum!

Justin Trudeau the leader of the Liberal Party promised 2015 will be the last election fought on the current first past the post system. Prime Minister Trudeau says you have to make choices at one point. And his choice is to have an all party parliamentary

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House of Commons sells off parliamentary silver

The House of Commons is quietly selling off the family silver – the parliamentary family’s silver, that is. iPolitics has learned that silver cutlery, trays and serving pieces used for years in Parliament’s posh Parliamentary Dining Room, were put up for a

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When Canada turns 150: Time to get the BNA Act into Canadian hands, former archivist says

The single most important document in Canadian history can be identified in a few different ways, but this is the rather inelegant alphanumeric designation that’s required to locate, observe and touch — under strict supervision, and only ever with white gl

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Catholic groups believe conscience rights will be respected on assisted suicide

Despite Bill C-14 providing no conscience protection for institutions, Catholic health-care providers expect governments will respect their right to o...

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AP Exclusive: Trump campaign chief linked to Putin interests

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, secretly worked for a Russian billionaire to advance the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin a decade ago and proposed an ambitious political strategy to undermin

Sudden outbreak of common sense as Basic Income considered & piloted

Originally published at This article can be republished under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, With a link back to this article and attribution to Nigel Todman Subscribe on Minds nigel.todman Follow on Twitter @Veri

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World Leaders on Instagram 2016

Executive Summary Instagram may not have the reach of its better-known social media rivals, but it has an ever-increasing following - something world leaders and their advisors have not been slow to recognize. The heads of state and government and foreign

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Ontario sorry for attempt to ‘crush’ French culture

TORONTO - The Anglo-Protestant attempt to crush French Catholic culture in Ontario got rare acknowledgement from Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne Feb. 2...

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Is Canada really back on the global stage?

The phrase “Canada is back” has been increasingly present in the discourse about the values of our new government and its place in the global communit...

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The London 2012 “Schmoozathon”: Jules Boykoff on the London Olympics

What effect does the great sporting-corporate juggernaunt that is the contemporary Olympics have on host cities? And what are the diverse range of tactics that grassroots activists use to protest its damaging results? In this exclusive extract from his rec

President Trump Bans CNN & Buzzfeed From Sean Spicer Press Briefing

President Trump Bans CNN & Buzzfeed From Sean Spicer Press Briefing for a day and they all go nuts! Total list of banned news outlets: — The New York Times — LA Times — CNN — BBC — The Hill — New York Daily News — Daily Mail — Politico — Buzzfeed Brooke Ba

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Opposition decries Liberals’ ‘undemocratic’ tactics in House of Commons

A notice of a motion filed by Liberal House Leader Dominic LeBlanc would give cabinet ministers and parliamentary secretaries control over extending hours in the House of Commons and even when it breaks for the summer

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HÉBERT: Harper's votes did the talking in final days

By all indications, Stephen Harper has slipped away from the House of Commons without leaving a trace in the official record of parliamentary debates of the departure of one of Canada's longest serving prime ministers. The House adjourned for the summer on

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Meet one of the first women members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery

One of the earliest female members of the Canadian Parliamentary Press Gallery is being honoured today in the House of Commons for her years of work in the bureau.

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Quebec Greens endorse BDS movement

The Green Party of Quebec has formally endorsed the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel. Its council adopted a resolution on Oct. 16 expressing the provincial party’s support for applying BDS against “organs” of the State of Israel an

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Q&A: House of Commons Speaker Geoff Regan on making parliamentarians more polite

MPs elected Geoff Regan in early December to be Speaker of the House of Commons. He recently sat down to talk about parliamentary behaviour with the Citizen's Mark Kennedy. Q. Why did you run to be Speaker? A. I have long, throughout my career, sought ways

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2016 PCYO Listening Tour - Consultations Jeunesse du PCYO 2016

Le francais suit ONTARIO YOUTH -  The Premier's Council on Youth Opportunities is excited to be joining young people across Ontario as part of their annual province wide Listening Tour. For the next two months, we'll be all ears as we ask you about the iss

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Islamist allegations surface after MP given key role

Ten years ago, as Omar Alghabra and his supporters celebrated his election victory in Mississauga-Erindale, someone on the noisy stage uttered the phrase, “This is a victory for Islam! Islam won! Islam won!… Islamic power is extending into Canadian politic

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