The E-Cigarette Ban: A Win for Liars and Big Tobacco

This article is part of the Green Watch series. Summary: Bureaucrats and politicians often cite “science” as justification for their efforts to exercise control over Americans’ lives. It’s a fake, politicized “science,” of course. When science suggests tha

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Health Canada to spot check medical marijuana after tainted pot recall

Health Canada says it will begin random testing of medical marijuana products to check for the presence of banned pesticides after contaminated products led to reports of illnesses and the possibility of a class action lawsuit.

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Ontario voters demanding RECALL legislation

We need Recall Legislation, This has been brought before Government on different occasions by Opposition Parties. But Always defeated No Government will implement this legislation once in Power, as they do not want to lose any power or grip on the people.

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Social Theory and Health - Abstract of article: Fantasy paradigms of health inequalities: Utopian thinking[quest]

The theorization of health issues is crucial both for understanding and as a guide for action. By providing a forum for academics and practitioners to engage with the theoretical development of the health debate, Social Theory and Health aims to develop th

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The Sustainability of Health Care Spending in Canada 2017

Health care is the single largest budget item for every province in Canada, ranging from 34.3 percent of total program spending in Quebec to 43.2 percent in Ontario in 2016. Any changes in the amount spent on health care can have a significant impact on a

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Health Canada satisfied with measures taken by OrganiGram and Mettrum after recalls - Lift News

The regulator says they're satisfied with the internal measures taken by OrganiGram and Mettrum and will be monitoring both closely for future pesticide use

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CRF Frozen Foods Expands Voluntary Recall to Include All Frozen Vegetable and Fruit Products Due To Possible Health Risk

As a precaution, CRF Frozen Foods of Pasco, Washington is expanding its voluntary recall of frozen organic and traditional fruits and vegetables. We are performing this voluntary recall in cooperation with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Cen

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B.C. aware of 26 'baby houses' as birth tourism booms

Health ministry investigators are aware of more than two dozen so-called birth houses in B.C. offering

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Venezuela Recall Referendum

<p>The Venezuelan opposition has effectively called for a coup after President Nicolas Maduro announced the recall referendum would be put on hold until allegations of fraud could be investigated.</p> <p>The mainstream media have jumped on the news, declar

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LARO har ökat tillgängligheten och förbättrat kvaliteten - Kristianstadsbladet

Sjukvård/ För snart två år sedan fick personer med missbruksproblematik mer makt över sin hälso- och sjukvård. Då infördes vårdval för läkemedelsassisterad rehabilitering vid opiatberoende, kallat LARO. Vi i Region Skåne var först ut i landet med vårdval i

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Utredning: Värnplikt återinförs i Sverige 2019

Värnplikten återinförs 2019, med militär grundutbildning för både kvinnor och män inom ramen för lagen om totalförsvarsplikt. Det blir förslaget från utredningen om den framtida personalförsörjningen i Försvarsmakten, erfar SvD. Om förslagen genomförs är v

Migrant fights 2-month sentence after raping two underage Swedish girls. Thinks punishment is too severe. | Gatestone Europe

Tre dömda för våldtäkt mot pojke - Sveriges Radio #Sverige #svpol — Göteborg Nu (@GbgNu) February 21, 2017 // Syrian migrant who was recently sentenced by a Swedish court to

Kommuner förbereder för avhopp från våldsbejakande extremism - Nyheter (Ekot)

Runt 140 svenskar har hittills återvänt efter att ha anslutit sig till våldsbejakande grupper i Syrien och Irak. Nu förbereder sig flera kommuner för att ...

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Internationellt efterlyst man greps i Enköping

En man som är internationellt efterlyst har gripits i Uppsala län. Han är misstänkt för terrorbrott, bekräftar polisen för SVT Nyheter. Mannen släpptes sent på kvällen sedan åklagaren bedömt att det inte finns skäl att hålla honom frihetsberövad.

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'Huge gap' between mental health needs and funding, expert says after health deal fails

A failure to reach a deal on health-care funding has sparked a renewed call by some experts and advocates to boost funding for mental health, with one psychologist saying there's a "huge gap between the burden of illness and how much we're investing."

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'Such courage': How one First Nation is fighting opioid addiction

People in Eabametoong First Nation say government-provided drug counselling isn't enough to keep the opioid addiction crisis plaguing their northern Ontario community at bay. That's why residents have largely taken the fight on themselves.

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New Brunswick gives $990K to Moncton medical marijuana company

The New Brunswick government is giving up to $990,000 to Moncton's medical marijuana company OrganiGram through payroll rebates.

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