Stephen Harper personally asked for China's pandas, memo says

OTTAWA – Stephen Harper has a soft spot for two cute and furry <a href="" target="_blank">pandas that are </a>scheduled to arrive from China on Monday. But the government was hesitant to let Canadians know full details of his eff

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Encore L'austérité - Doc Couillard et Barrette - vidéo Dailymotion

Regarder la vidéo «Encore L'austérité - Doc Couillard et Barrette» envoyée par darkchef sur dailymotion.

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Federal government planned 'strong' PR campaign to promote oil industry

OTTAWA — Days before announcing Canada would withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, the federal government drafted plans for a “strong and coordinated” public relations campaign and major regulatory reforms to promote oil and pipeline industry

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New doc highlights Windsor woman's work welcoming refugees

A new short documentary shines a light on the hard work a Windsor woman has done in helping welcome Syrian refugees to their new home in southwestern Ontario.

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Big Data en santé: Opportunités & défis/Big Data in Healthcare: Opportunities & Challenges

(English follows) Les opportunités et les défis du big data dans le domaine de la santé.  Pour cette edition du Hacking Health Café, nous avons réuni des professionnels de l'industrie de la santé et des chercheurs universitaires pour discuter de l'innovati

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Transgender Prince George teen's struggles with bullying subject of doc film

Hot Docs has a short doc in its lineup this year about Milan, a transgender Prince George teen. Audiences learn how he has been severely bullied and received death threats, and has missed almost two years of school.

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7 citations du Doc Mailloux au sujet de Dolan

Le fait que Xavier Dolan ait remporté le Grand Prix du Festival de Cannes pour son film Juste la fin du monde ne semble pas émouvoir le Doc Mailloux.

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Voici pourquoi Doc Mailloux appuie Donald Trump

L’animateur et psychiatre Doc Mailloux a expliqué son choix lors d’une chronique dans l’émission Que la Mauricie se Lève au 106,9 FM Mauricie.

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Le Doc Mailloux mis en demeure par La Presse

La Presse affirme que les déclarations du Doc Mailloux touchant l'entente hors cours sont «fausses, tendancieuses et diffamatoires».

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Stand Up / Stand N Rock #NoDAPL (Official Video)

Tell President Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline and protect water for 17 million people and our planet for future generations: SIGN THE PETITION at http://PEOPLESCLIMATEMUSIC.COM Hip Hop Caucus, creator of People’s Climate Music, has partnered with

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Doctor situation critical, Kingston doc says

Local doctors are raising red flags about what they say could be devastating effects in Kingston of provincial funding cuts to the health-care system.

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Provincial rules rub new doc the wrong way

If Dr. Michael Procino knew of the changes that the provincial government was cooking up in the Queen's Park kitchen for graduating family physicians, he would have thought twice before choosing his career path.

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How Canada is Regulating the Rise of Drones - Doc Zone - CBC-TV

The future is creepy. See how recent stories of drones in the news would fly under Canada's new rules.

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Woman says she bolted when doc fondled her breasts

A retired woman says she ran out of Dr. Rod Kunynetz’s office while buttoning up her blouse after he fondled her breasts during an exam for spots on her back.

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Vietnam: Canada’s Shadow War - Doc Zone

On the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, we look at Canada's role in America's war in Vietnam and how this country was changed by the experience.

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Fractured Land: Powerful doc pits First Nations’ concerns against B.C. LNG

A powerful documentary chronicling the struggle of young lawyer Caleb Behn who promises to be a force in the fracture between the government’s love affair with liquefied natural gas and First Nations’ environmental concerns

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Bill c-420 Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act - Public Draft

Bill c-420 Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act - Public Draft This draft document is awaiting a Member of Parliament to sponsor it. The contents of it has been created with help of the cannabis community. The Google Doc is here

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Noam Chomsky's New Doc Gets Huge Praise

In the documentary Requiem for the American Dream, Noam Chomsky argues that the collapse of American democratic ideals and the rise of the 1%

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