Here's Why the Oil Sands Advisory Panel is Facing Significant Challenges - David Yager - Yager Management - News & Media for the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry |

          By David Yager, August 10, 2016 Entrepreneur. Consultant. Journalist. Political Activist. When it was announced in July that Tzeporah Berman was to be the Chair of Alberta’s Oil Sands Advisory Group (OSAG) representing the ENGOs

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D.O.A. PIPELINE FEVER (Official Video) punk rock

The first video from the new D.O.A. album Hard Rain Falling. Joe, Paddy and Mike take over a newsroom to take on the big oil companies! Created by Cinestirfilms, directed by Marcus Rogers. Every year, oil rigs and tankers spill on average 250,000,000 gallo

Spill from Hell: Diluted Bitumen | The Tyee

Poisoned air. Sunken gunk. A clean-up nightmare. What we're learning from the oil sands 'DilBit' dump into the Kalamazoo River.

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WSW: Kalamazoo River Oil Spill Effects Not Getting Much Long-Term Study

Through a massive oil spill and an equally massive cleanup, the Kalamazoo River has proven resilient. Scientists say it's done remarkably well since 2010,

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Police: Kzoo shooting suspect was Uber driver

The man suspected of shooting eight people in the Kalamazoo area was an Uber driver who apparently took a fare minutes before a shooting.

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Enbridge's Kalamazoo cleanup dredges up 3-year-old oil spill

Three years after an Enbridge pipeline ruptured and spilled 3.3 million litres of oil into Michigan's Kalamazoo River, the company is still cleaning up and learning lessons about the way diluted bitumen behaves in fresh water.

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Top 10 Facts About the Alberta Oil Sands

Up-to-date information tar sands facts about Alberta, Canada's tar sands operations, with sources. License-free for study and research purposes.

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Vancouver Oil Sands Tanker Spill Could Cause Evacuation Nightmare | The Tyee

Diluted bitumen creates toxic cloud public would be forced to flee, as occurred in Kalamazoo.

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The Lie About Our Energy Industry That Canadians Have to STOP Buying Into - A Must Read & Share - News & Media for the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry |

Randy Pompetti is the author of the note below. He lives in Hanna, Alberta, Canada My fellow Canadians, you are buying into a lie regarding our energy industry and the global environment. We are a mere 35 million people, just 0.5% of this planet’s 7.3 bill

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Why heat, droughts and dwindling glaciers threaten Alberta’s oil sands

The oil sands depend on the Athabaska River. But three interconnected threats may make the river's flow far smaller in the future than it is today.

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Kalamazoo shooting rampage kills 6; Uber driver in custody

Kalamazoo, Michigan, shooting suspect Jason Brian Dalton was an Uber driver who may have picked up fares the same evening he's accused of killing six people.

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Tell Trudeau: Stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline!

The National Energy Board just gave approval to the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Now, only Prime Minister Trudeau has the power to stop the pipeline. Kinder Morgan is planning to build a new bitumen-based oil pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby – pumping almost o

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Tell Trudeau: Stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline!

The National Energy Board just gave approval to the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Now, only Prime Minister Trudeau has the power to stop the pipeline. Kinder Morgan is planning to build a new bitumen-based oil pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby – pumping almost o

Companies Come Out to Endorse CAODC’s "Oil Respect" Campaign - EnergyNow | Online News & Media for the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MARCH 31, 2016 This week dozens of companies have been endorsing the Oil Respect ( campaign launched by the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors on February 17, 2016. Many companies have been promoti

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Petroleum giant Statoil abandons tar sands assets in favor of wind

  In a startling move, Norwegian state-owned oil and gas company, Statoil recently pulled all its investments out of the Alberta tar sands after winning a contract to develop an…

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Because 'Bitumen is not Oil,' Pipelines Carrying Tar Sands Crude Don't Pay into US Oil Spill Fund

As Think Progress has just reported, a bizarre technicality allowed Exxon Mobil to avoid paying into the federal oil spill fund responsible for cleanup after the company's Pegasus pipeline released 12,000 barrels of tar sands oil and water into the town of

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CTV Canada proves Enbridge LIES!! Tar Sand Truth, John Bolenbaugh, Idle no more

Scott Roberts from CTV Canada wanted to prove Enbridge was lying and I gave him all the evidence he needed. Now Enbridge has to re clean up approx.. 280,000 more gallons of tar sand oil that is still sitting at the bottom of our river. A year after they sa

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Source: Enbridge to be fined $62M for 2010 spill

The feds are expected to slap Enbridge with a $62 million fine and about $120 million in other costs for the Kalamazoo River oil spill.

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Dramatic photos of Vancouver oil spill spark pipeline outrage on social media

As striking photos of the oil spill in Vancouver's English Bay spread on social media Thursday, many voiced concerns that the sight of fuel on water will become common if B.C. becomes home to more oil pipelines.

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Kalamazoo River Disaster

The July 25, 2010 Kalamazoo River Disaster caused by Enbridge Energy's broken pipeline is the biggest inland oil spill in U.S. history. With at least 1 million gallons of diluted bitumen--“dilbit”--a heavy, thick crude oil that’s hard to pump without dilut

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Albertans Get Bum Deal from Oil Industry: Report | The Tyee

Low royalties deprive province of 'significant, increasing amounts of potential revenue.'

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Tar Secret #2: What percentage of Canada's GDP comes from the tar sands?

The "Tar Secrets" series delivers you essential climate facts missing from government and tar sands marketing spin. Last week we compared tar sands climate impact to US coal. This week we hunt down one of the most elusive facts of all: what percentage of G

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Tar Sands by Rail Disasters: The Latest Wave in the Bomb Train Assault

With the first crash and explosion of a unit train of tar sands oil in Canada in February, we learned that the conventional wisdom among people covering the oil-by-rail industry regarding the flammability of tar sands oil has been dead wrong. A second dera

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Ezra Levant's tour of Fort Mac's Clearwater River

Gene Ouellette and Steve Auty take Ezra Levant of on an tour of Fort McMurray's Clearwater River, a world heritage river. They talk about how oil and bitumen seeps into the river naturally. (It has nothing to do with the energy industry.) Th

First Nations and Tribes Sign New Treaty Joining Forces to Stop All Tar Sands Pipelines | Earth First! Newswire

from Treaty Alliance September 22, 2016, Montreal/Vancouver—First Nation and Tribal Chiefs gathered today in Musqueam Territory (Vancouver) and Mohawk Territory (Montreal), to sign a new continent-wide Indigenous

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