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Ontario hip hop artist’s song about high cost of hydro goes viral

A musician from Windsor, Ont., is hoping a new song will give voice to many in the province who are upset about soaring hydro prices.

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How do we decrease addiction to opioids but still treat chronic pain?

The US faces dueling epidemics of addiction and chronic pain. To cut back on opioid use, we need to develop non-addictive alternatives to treating pain.

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Pride ban 'slap in the face' to cops: McCormack

Toronto Police Association president Mike McCormack calls the Pride Toronto ban on police officer participation in future parades a “slap in the face” to all officers who’ve worked “diligently” to improve relationships with the gay community.

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Marni Soupcoff: Another union on the wrong road

The IAFF is in the midst of a campaign to clear its ranks of 'two-hatters' full-time firefighters who moonlight on the side with small-town volunteer forces

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Trudeau’s electoral reform: They love me not, they love me

OTTAWA — Sometimes our prime minister can be so precious that his words can suck the air out of a room.

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CTV Toronto: Ontario to sign deal with Quebec

CTV News Toronto has learned that Ontario is poised to sign a major agreement with Quebec regarding electricity. Paul Bliss explains.

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Canada Now Utopia, Say Academic Elites

If you ever experience the urge to criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it’s a clear sign that you’re not part of Canada’s academic elite.I say that because according to Canada’s academic elites (I think “elites” is Latin for “If you don’t hold a PhD i

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Parents plan to sue province over lack of a French-language high school | Toronto Star

A group of French-speaking families from Toronto’s east end has retained a lawyer and say its prepared to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

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Ottawa police union boss asks Capital Pride not to exclude officers from parade

The president of the Ottawa Police Association has posted an open letter to Ottawa Capital Pride urging it not to follow the lead of Pride Toronto in banning police from pride marches and parades. Pride Toronto members voted overwhelmingly at their annual

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Transcript: O'Leary on his bid for Conservative leadership | Toronto Star

Businessman and reality television personality Kevin O’Leary announced he would seek the leadership of the Conservative Party Wednesday.

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Early Years and Child Care Strategy

Tell us your ideas about how we can help improve early years and child care in Ontario. Your feedback will help us understand what’s important to you when it comes to the early years and child care system. We will report back on the results of this consult

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John Ivison: Kevin O'Leary is ‘in’ and the Tory leadership race is now his to lose

O'Leary is the prohibitive favourite. That’s because for the Conservative members who will elect the next leader, it’s all about who can beat Justin Trudeau in 2019

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Pedestrian struck by driver who was taking road test in city's east end

A pedestrian sustained serious injuries after they were struck by a vehicle driven by a man undergoing a driving test in the city's east end on Wednesday.

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Being Bill Davis — not just bland but bold: Cohn | Toronto Star

Bill Davis understood that politics is the art of the possible, and that the perfect is the enemy of the good.

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Aboriginal homeless drop-in centre loses bid for city funding

A homeless drop-in centre for First Nations, Inuit and Metis people operated by the Odawa Native Friendship Centre is closing next month after its application for funding was rejected by the city.

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Charges laid by Ministry of Labour

Ontario's Ministry of Labour has laid charges against Innisfil in connection with a January 2016 incident in which a town operations employee was injured while working.

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Generation Zel! Radio

I am listening to Generation Zel! Radio. Join me and earn loyalty points for free.

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Wynne Liberals discrediting McGuinty Liberals by attacking report

By attacking this week’s Fraser Institute report that closing Ontario’s coal-fired electricity plants had no significant impact on provincial air quality, Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals are biting off their own tails.

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  1. Kathleen Wynne

  2. Donald Trump

  3. Justin Trudeau

  4. Trump

  5. Trudeau

  6. Wynne

  7. David Orazietti

  8. Stephen Harper

  9. Patrick Brown

  10. Marie-France Lalonde

  11. Hillary Clinton

  12. Marie

  13. Bob Dechert

  14. Earthroots

  15. Libby Keenan

  16. Obama

  17. Clinton

  18. Bill

  19. John Tory

  20. Kellie Leitch

  21. Vladimir Putin

  22. Hamilton

  23. Andrew Scheer

  24. Monte McNaughton

  25. Ahmed Hussen

  26. Bernd Zabel

  27. Smith

  28. Andre Marin

  29. Shai Masot

  30. Kevin Flynn

  31. Chris Ballard

  32. Todd Smith

  33. Edward-Hastings

  34. Karl Gardner

  35. J. David Wake

  36. Karin Baqi

  37. Harper

  38. Chrystia Freeland

  39. Jane Philpott

  40. Catherine McKenna

  41. Notley

  42. Ezra Levant

  43. Stephane Dion

  44. John McCallum

  45. Brian Lilley

  46. Eric Hoskins

  47. Rex Tillerson

  48. Aga Khan

  49. Morneau

  50. Charles Sousa


  1. Ontario

  2. Canada

  3. Toronto

  4. London

  5. Ottawa

  6. U.S.

  7. Russia

  8. Ont.

  9. Alberta

  10. US

  11. Mexico

  12. North Bay

  13. Washington

  14. Queen 's Park


  16. Burlington

  17. Sault

  18. United States

  19. America

  20. Britain

  21. Mississauga

  22. Lake Huron

  23. Manitoba

  24. China

  25. Israel

  26. UK

  27. North America

  28. AMAZON

  29. Sarnia

  30. Bahamas

  31. Thunder Bay

  32. Chatham

  33. Oakville

  34. Rexdale

  35. Bowmanville

  36. Iroquois Falls

  37. Vancouver

  38. Newfoundland

  39. Syria

  40. Labrador

  41. Paris

  42. Europe

  43. France

  44. Germany

  45. New York

  46. California

  47. Arctic

  48. India

  49. Florida

  50. Earth


  1. Liberal

  2. Progressive Conservative

  3. NDP

  4. Toronto District School Board

  5. Ontario First Nation

  6. Ontario Power Generation

  7. OPG

  8. Manulife

  9. Facebook

  10. CBC

  11. Conservative

  12. National Energy Board

  13. Local News Network

  14. Truth and Reconciliation Commission

  15. Nestle

  16. Wellesley Institute

  17. Marineland

  18. Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

  19. Toronto Immigration Holding Centre

  20. Honda

  21. Windsor Regional Hospital

  22. Ontario Fertility Program

  23. Canada Lands Company

  24. Dominion Public Building

  25. End Immigration Detention Network

  26. Sunhall Equestrian Center

  27. Chevrolet Equinox

  28. Google

  29. UN

  30. Winnipeg Free Press

  31. EU

  32. YouTube

  33. Freedomain Radio

  34. CNN

  35. Reuters

  36. Trump

  37. Islamic State

  38. Globe

  39. WikiLeaks

  40. CIA

  41. Hill Times

  42. Council of Canadians

  43. BBC

  44. Muskrat Falls

  45. NASA

  46. Council

  47. Energy East

  48. CUPE

  49. University of Ottawa

  50. Progressive Conservatives