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COMMENTARY: Teachers' revolt should change tacks, emulate resistance movements

The NSTU leadership must surely now see that its strategy, if ever there was a strategy, did not and does not work and will lead to enormous contributions away from the classrooms and to the coffers of law firms. Teachers should now force their leadership

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NSTU vows to fight 'punitive' imposed-contract legislation in court

The Nova Scotia Teachers Union says an immediate legal challenge will follow the passage of legislation to impose a contract on the province's 9,300 public school teachers. Bill 75 is poised to pass third reading sometime early Tuesday evening.

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Liberal government makes minor amendment to Bill 75

The McNeil government has tweaked its bill to impose a contract on Nova Scotia's 9,300 teachers. The amendment allows for an arbitrator to rule if there is a dispute amongst the 14 members of the Council to Improve Classroom Conditions.

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NDP Caucus prepares to oppose Bill 75 during another all-night sitting | NDP

For immediate release. HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill made the following statement regarding tonight’s sitting of the Legislature: Bill 75 is another version of the McNeil Liberals’ constant…

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NSTU to Present 20,0000 Signatures on Kidsnotcuts Petition

HALIFAX, April 26, 2012 /CNW/ - More than 20,000 members of the public<br /> are joining the Nova Scotia Teachers Union in...

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N.S. teachers slam Dexter's education cuts

Hundreds of Nova Scotia teachers are meeting in Halifax this weekend to discuss the Dexter government's cuts to education, along with other issues.

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CTV News Channel: 'Students are suffering'

Wally Fiander, VP of the N.S. Teacher's Union explains why hundreds of teachers are on a one-day protest.

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OPINION: McNeil should backtrack now; pour money into classroom, not court battle

Instead of risking a costly court challenge to Bill 75, Premier Stephen McNeil should listen to teachers, students and parents and use collective bargaining to create a better education system.

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OPINION: Nova Scotia's rulers overrule the people again at their peril

In two years, the government will find itself back across the table from public school teachers who have learned how to fight on every front, from legal action to social action .... The Liberals believe this is the end of a momentary interruption. They wil

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OPINION: 'Back to normal' is not acceptable and neither is dismissing democracy

Several Liberal MLAs added insult to injury during these emotional presentations at the Law Amendments Committee, when instead of listening attentively to their constituents, they played on their cellphones, spoke to their colleagues, walked out midway thr

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OPINION: Teachers marched for the sake of students and all citizens

I have witnessed my pregnant wife continue to risk her safety, and that of our unborn child, to assist certain students with special needs — even while they throw chairs in frustration — because it breaks her heart to see them not get the support they need

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Teachers, parents and supporters protest Bill 75

A group gathered outside a Liberal MLA’s office in Cape Breton to protest the government’s back-to-work legislation.

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Atlantic Premiers to meet in Newfoundland

The four Atlantic Premiers are meeting in Newfoundland this week to discuss an Atlantic Growth Strategy.

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Listen to our station on your computer or mobile device!

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COMMENTARY: We've created a new species of student and caused the breakdown of the education ecosystem

Education in Nova Scotia has reached its carrying capacity; the system is no longer sustainable and the problems are spilling out of the barrel and into the public. Teachers have spent many years trying to keep the water in the barrel. We have patched hole

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Teacher's Protest

Nova Scotia teachers and their supporters rally in front of Province House during their one day strike, protesting Bill 75, in Halifax Nova Scotia. LocalXpress/ Tim Krochak

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Former Cape Breton union president offers advice to NSTU

This column is about our teachers and civil servants and their fight against the arbitrary stripping of collective bargaining rights by the current provincial government.

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CUPE Nova Scotia presents to Law Amendments Committee opposing Bill 75 - CUPE Nova Scotia

On Thursday, February 17, 2017, two CUPE representatives made presentations to the Law Amendments Committee of the Nova Scotia Legislature, speaking in opposition to proposed Bill 75, the Teachers’ Professional Agreement and Classroom Improvements (2017) A

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Province agrees to protect substitute teachers whose benefits at risk due to strike

Nova Scotia's education minister has reversed course and agreed to a union request to waive a section of the current collective agreement so long-term substitute teachers won't lose benefits due to Friday's one-day walkout.

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In Pictures: Striking teachers protest outside N.S. legislature

Nova Scotia's public school teachers walked off the job en masse Friday and staged a noisy protest outside the provincial legislature.

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