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$6M in payments delayed to hundreds of Nova Scotia doctors

Hundreds of Nova Scotia family doctors have been waiting months to be paid for house calls, nursing home visits and other services performed under the province's Comprehensive Care Incentive Program.

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Nova Scotia government promises to cut small business taxes and red tape

Provincial Finance Minister Randy Delorey announced Tuesday that the tax rate of three per cent will be extended to more companies on earnings up to $500,000.

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Correction facilities aren't correcting || STEVE HARVEY

Steve chats with Calvin, Michelle and Colonel Mark from the A&E docu-series, “60 Days In.” Subscribe now to the STEVE HARVEY YouTube channel: Find out where to watch in your city here: Get more Steve Ha

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Negotiations with province have yet to begin: Nurses' Union president - NEWS 95.7

HALIFAX – The president of the Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union says negotiations with the province have yet to start despite being without a contract for nearly two years. According to Janet Hazelton, much of this can be attributed to the passage of Bill 37. Haz

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Support for NS Liberals declines sharply this quarter

NS Liberals continue to be the preferred party despite declining support compared with three months ago Satisfaction with the performance of the provincial government is down for the second consecutive quarter Premier McNeil remains the preferred party lea

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All bets are off. An interview with Larry Haiven on a new militancy and what is next for teachers

For days and weeks the Nova Scotia Teachers Union dominated the headlines. But after the government imposed a new contract all that disappeared. What actually happened? Why did it matter? What’s ne…

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Major labour contracts remain unsigned as Nova Scotia budget looms

Finance Minister Randy Delorey is going to have to use best estimates for the cost of contracts with two of the province’s largest public sector groups when he introduces a budget in the coming weeks.

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Web Extra: Glen Ward on doctor shortage

Pharmacy owner Glen Ward discusses his efforts to open a medical clinic next to his pharmacy.

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NSTU concerned about selection process for new education council

Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU) president Liette Doucet is concerned about the selection process to determine which teachers will sit on the provincial Council to Improve Classroom Conditions.

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Horne at ease with Bill 75 vote decision - The Laker

FALL RIVER: Bill Horne is at ease with his decision to vote yes to Bill 75, despite friendships he has with several teachers and loud pleas from some in the community he represents to vote no. The backbench Liberal MLA, who represents Waverley-Fall River-B

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VIDEO: MLA Bill Horne on why he voted for Bill 75 - The Laker

Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank Liberal MLA Bill Horne explained to The Laker during an interview on Feb. 28 at his office in Fall River on why he voted in favour of Bill 75. The bill legislated a contract on the province’s teachers. Keep an eye out for th

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Nearly 800 teachers apply for spots on classroom improvement committee

While several hundred teachers seek to be members, NSTU president Liette Doucet says the union still has many questions about the Council to Improve Classroom Conditions

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Ontario to give public high-school teachers $25-million as lawsuit remedy

Ontario’s Liberal government will also supply the educators with a paid day off following a ruling last April that said the government had violated Charter rights

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Province may make polling and research data public

The communications arm of the Nova Scotia government is considering whether to make some information it obtains through polling and research available to the public, a deputy minister said Wednesday.

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Peel police launch review after 6-year-old girl handcuffed at Mississauga school

Police in Peel Region have ordered a review of an incident last September in which officers handcuffed a six-year-old girl at her elementary school. Peel Police Chief Jennifer Evans made the announcement at a meeting of the board on Friday,  adding that th

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OPINION: Blowing teacher-strike windfall on extras another example of misplaced Liberal priorities

Extracurricular activities are also not the first things you fix if your house is falling down. .... By funnelling the money saved by the one-day teacher walkout toward student grants meant to fund school trips, new team uniforms and other extracurricular-

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And there it was, done. | frostededucation on

Well, that just about wraps that up. After 16 months, myriads of media stories, dozens of protests, and literally countless hundreds of e-mails, letters and Facebook posts demanding, asking and begging the Nova Scotia Liberals to give the teachers of this

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Return to normal school life unlikely under imposed contract

'Teachers will be very careful about how they are using their time, very careful to protect their personal time, to protect what they've rediscovered — their health, their family life and their work-life balance,' says NSTU president Liette Doucet.

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Extracurricular activities are now up to teachers, education minister says

It will be up to Nova Scotia teachers to decide whether they participate in extracurricular activities as they adjust to a contract imposed on them through legislation, Education Minister Karen Casey said Wednesday.

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