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[Bizline] The Rise Of the Electric Car Era

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Alex Furlong on discusses the future of unions

It's been a tumultuous week for labour unions in Nova Scotia. So what happens now? Alex Furlong has the answers.

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Teacher's Protest

Nova Scotia teachers and their supporters rally in front of Province House during their one day strike, protesting Bill 75, in Halifax Nova Scotia. LocalXpress/ Tim Krochak

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OPINION: We can improve our mental health care system

The Chronicle Herald has been hosting a valuable, on-going public discussion of ways to improve our health care system and there has been insightful commentary from experienced professionals and patients.

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Former Cape Breton union president offers advice to NSTU

This column is about our teachers and civil servants and their fight against the arbitrary stripping of collective bargaining rights by the current provincial government.

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N.S. prosecutors encouraged to offer plea bargains for minor crimes as cases pile up

Crown attorneys in Nova Scotia are trying to streamline the length of time it takes to get a criminal trial by offering plea bargains in cases of low-severity crimes.

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CUPE Nova Scotia presents to Law Amendments Committee opposing Bill 75 - CUPE Nova Scotia

On Thursday, February 17, 2017, two CUPE representatives made presentations to the Law Amendments Committee of the Nova Scotia Legislature, speaking in opposition to proposed Bill 75, the Teachers’ Professional Agreement and Classroom Improvements (2017) A

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Parents promise public won't forget Liberals missteps on teachers - The Laker

FALL RIVER: The battle between the N.S. Teachers Union (NSTU) and the provincial government in Nova Scotia has similar resemblances to that of what took place in B.C. in 2016, say two staunch teacher supporters. Alan Joyce and Stacey Ruddrham are both memb

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Nasty Woman fundraiser for Avalon Sexual Assault Centre

Two beautiful hand-printed posters originally made for January’s Halifax Women’s March are now for sale, with 75% of all sales to be donated to the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre in Halifax, NS.

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Sony Subsidiary to Release Programming Learning Kit

Sony Global Education Inc, which runs an education-related business, will release a programming learning kit for children Feb 18, 2017.

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Cape Breton Liberal backbenchers should say how they will vote on Bill 75 | NDP

For Immediate Release SYDNEY – As thousands of people take action across the province to oppose Stephen McNeil’s attempt to take away teachers’ rights, NDP Leader Gary Burrill is calling on Liberal…

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Nova Scotia teachers strike the result of decades of policy errors: premier - The Globe and Mail

Dozens of teachers and their supporters took their protest to Province House early today where they were loudly chanting outside as a marathon debate continued inside on Bill 75

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OPINION: For teachers, collective bargaining plays corrective role in marketplace

The market for teachers is anything but competitive. Rather, it is a classic example of a monopsony — a labour market with a single employer (in this case, the province). Facing no competition, monopsonies can drive their employees’ wages considerably belo

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N.S. woman upset after RCMP refuse to lay charges in alleged date rape

A Cole Harbour woman said she intends to file a formal complaint against the RCMP for the way they handled her allegation of date rape.

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Weekend video: Carry me home

I had this weekend’s video all picked and ready to go. Something really good, but grim, bound to leave you angry. Well, I changed my mind. Instead we offer a big league beautiful documentary on Mi’…

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Sudbury Indigenous midwifery program will allow home births 'in a good way'

The Ontario government has announced the latest recipient of its funding to establish Aboriginal midwifery programs in the province, and now that initiative has come to Sudbury.

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Province agrees to protect substitute teachers whose benefits at risk due to strike

Nova Scotia's education minister has reversed course and agreed to a union request to waive a section of the current collective agreement so long-term substitute teachers won't lose benefits due to Friday's one-day walkout.

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In Pictures: Striking teachers protest outside N.S. legislature

Nova Scotia's public school teachers walked off the job en masse Friday and staged a noisy protest outside the provincial legislature.

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Questions raised after N.S. MLA spends $8,700 on flights to Boston

A cabinet minister’s travel expenses are raising eyebrows in Nova Scotia. Natural Resources Minister Zach Churchill and his assistant, Shawn Lawlor, made two trips to Boston last spring, costing taxpayers almost $9,000 in airfare.

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