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Halifax Coun. Matt Whitman apologizes for ‘Chinese fire drill’ video

A day after Global News reported on a video posted by Halifax Coun. Matt Whitman doing a Chinese fire drill, the councillor has issued an apology.

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'An absurd story': N.S. man named Grabher plans to fight to get personalized licence plate back

A Nova Scotia man whose personalized licence plate was pulled because of one complaint about his last name, Grabher, says he is overwhelmed by the support he’s received from around the world.

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Nova Scotia continues to limp in last in hip, knee replacement wait times

Nova Scotians needing hip or knee replacements still have the longest average wait of any patients in Canada's 10 provinces, despite millions of dollars in spending and an auditor-general's report that made recommendations on how to monitor the backlog.

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Nova Scotia government promises to cut small business taxes and red tape

Provincial Finance Minister Randy Delorey announced Tuesday that the tax rate of three per cent will be extended to more companies on earnings up to $500,000.

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Nova Scotia Liberal’s promise tax relief for businesses in budget

Nova Scotia's finance minister is promising his pre-election budget will give small businesses tax relief, and reduce regulation costs.

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Nova Scotia budget to feature lower small business taxes, balanced books

Nova Scotia's finance minister says the province is set to deliver a balanced budget when it is introduced next month and it will also come with lower taxes for small businesses.

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Grabher considering legal action over licence plate flap

A Nova Scotia man whose personalized licence plate was pulled because of one complaint about what it said — "Grabher" — says he is overwhelmed by the support he's received from around the world. "This is just blowing my mind," Lorne Grabher said. Grabher i

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McNeil Liberals signal another year without needed investment | NDP

For Immediate Release HALIFAX – NDP Leader Gary Burrill is calling on the McNeil Liberals to make the investments needed in seniors’ care, education, and opportunities for young people after today’s…

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Nova Scotia announces $52 million in affordable housing investments

The Nova Scotia government is investing millions of dollars into an effort is says will help more people find affordable housing.

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Premier's former chief of staff lands management job at Cape Breton seafood plant

Kirby McVicar resigned from the premier's office in November amid allegations he broke privacy laws by making public medical information of former Liberal cabinet minister Andrew Younger.

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Andrew Younger's recording of Kirby McVicar

Former N.S. environment minister Andrew Younger made a secret recording of his conversation with Premier Stephen McNeil's chief of staff in February 2015.

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OFF SCRIPT: Maverick MLAs walk tightrope between party loyalty, conscience

‘I hated losing my independence, having to vote the party line,’ recalls Francene Cosman. ‘I found that very difficult because I’m very much an independent thinker. So, that was the toughest role for me, was learning to toe the party line.’

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Glennie Langille given patronage appointment by Liberals

Premier Stephen McNeil has named his former communications director and a defeated Liberal candidate as Nova Scotia's next Chief Protocol Officer.

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Halifax councillor Matt Whitman under investigation following 'Chinese fire drill' YouTube video

A Halifax municipal councillor and Progressive Conservative candidate in the next Nova Scotia election is being criticized for posting a video showing him and a passenger leaping out of a car and laughing while they yell, “Chinese fire drill!”

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‘Chinese fire drill’ video a distraction, Halifax councillor says

A Halifax regional councillor and Progressive Conservative candidate in the next Nova Scotia election is being criticized for posting a video showing him and a passenger leaping out of a car, laughing while they yell, 'Chinese fire drill!'

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