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It's Too Big- the Biomass Plant Port Hastings NS

A three week social justice workshop with a local volunteers from and Antigonish filmmaker Peter Murphy ended up with a 10 min short film that surprised us all...outragous........the…

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Nova Scotia businesses feel impact of teachers’ work-to-rule

Nova Scotia businesses say they're feeling an impact from the work-to-rule job action by members of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.

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'Don't get old without money,' says senior suffering painful dental problems

A Sydney woman says she is suffering dental pain because she cannot afford treatment for her advanced gum disease.

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Get the lead out

Halifax Water is trying to replace the city's toxic drinking water pipes, but it's next to impossible. And the rest of the province is in even worse shape.

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Civilian police watchdog failing at its job, say 2 former members

The civilian board that’s supposed to provide oversight of police forces in the Halifax area isn’t able to do its job and needs to be changed, say two former board members.

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Nova Scotia's offshore oil dream awaits better news: 'It doesn't look good'

Shell's decision to seal two exploration wells off Nova Scotia has set back the province's dream of offshore riches, but analysts say it's early days in what may prove to be a complex geological hunt.

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Study looks at mid-range effects of climate change, with more mild weather for N.S.

Nova Scotians can expect about five more days of mild weather a year within a decade and an extra 15 more mild days annually by the end of the century, according to a new study.

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Town and county councils meet - Port Hawkesbury Reporter

ANTIGONISH: Last week saw the first of what will be a series of joint meetings between town and county councils. The People’s Place Antigonish Town and County Library hosted the first official joint meeting between Antigonish Town and Antigonish Municipal

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Opportunities NB boss won't say if companies hitting job-creation targets

The head of Opportunities New Brunswick got a rough ride at the legislature on Wednesday as an Opposition MLA demanded he reveal whether companies receiving taxpayer money are hitting their job-creation targets.

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Nova Scotia offshore oil and gas 'doesn't look good' after Shell seals 2 wells

Shell's decision to seal two exploration wells off Nova Scotia has set back the province's dream of offshore riches, but analysts say it's early days in what may prove to be a complex geological hunt.

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Nova Scotia government wants you to tell them if tolls should be used to pay for twinning highways

Public consultations on the twinning feasibility study will get underway next week, and people can voice their opinions at gatherings across the province until March.

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Teachers deserve no more — or less — than private sector workers

Levitt: Why aren't teachers praying no one learns of the boondoggle they are perpetrating on taxpayers, rather than manning the barricades and holding parents to ransom?

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'Work to rule' is an opportunity to address imbalances between private and public sector pay

Howard Levitt: Work to rule means doing the minimum the collective agreement requires so as to not breach the agreement. But were these civic workers ever doing more?

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Successful Take 2 for film industry since end of tax credit, says agency

The head of the agency that funds film and television production in Nova Scotia says the industry has bounced back from the elimination of the film tax credit.

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Island Morning | Hub Schools

Island Morning with Mitch and Matt: The co-founder of the Nova Scotia Small Schools Initiative, Paul Bennett,tells Kerry Campbell closing rural schools on PEI will be devastating for the communities involved.

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Kendall Worth: Let’s smash the obstacles to community living

Kendall Worth, inspired by a documentary we recently featured, makes a passionate plea to get serious about inclusion and community living. Kendall lives with several invisible disabilities, and he…

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Loose Parts unstructured play project receives $8,700 in Yarmouth

YARMOUTH - Members of the Loose Parts committee were present for a happy occasion on Jan. 17 at Central School. Yarmouth MLA Zach Churchill announced $8,700 for Yarmouth Recreation.

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James Finnie to run for NDP in Colchester North

VALLEY, N.S. – The New Democrats have chosen a candidate for the provincial riding of Colchester North. James Finnie, president of the Colchester Highland Games and Gathering Society, was the choice of the 21 registered party members at the nomination meet

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Why I Imposed Contracts on Ontario Teachers

Some unions have engaged in strike action that has closed schools, restricted learning for students and created an unstable learning environment. It has been stressful and chaotic for many students and parents. Then those same union leaders asked the gover

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Nova Scotia Department of Finance - Business Tax & Credits

The Nova Scotia Department of Finance oversees revenues that make up the majority of the province’s fiscal resources.

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CFIB reveals nominees for red tape reduction award 2017

CFIB has announced the finalists for its Golden Scissors Award 2017, which honours an elected official or others in government who delivered meaningful results in cutting red tape for small business.

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