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Preparing for Pot: Unanswered questions remain around legalizing marijuana

When recreational marijuana became legal to buy in Colorado on Jan. 1, 2014, public health officials figured they’d see a rise in teenage users. ...

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Ottawa sparks discussion in run up to cannabis legalization

The Government of Canada is sparking up a discussion regarding how to go about legalizing and regulating marijuana with various stakeholders across th.

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Langford mayor upset over reopening of marijuana dispensary

Langford mayor Stew Young says he’s madder than hell and he’s not going to take it anymore. “I am not going to turn a blind eye to something illegal,” said Young, referring to the fact that the . . .

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When churches become marijuana dispensaries

It was probably inevitable, especially on the cannabis-loving West Coast. A Christian church has been turned into a marijuana dispensary. The quaint building that used to house Shawnigan United Church on Vancouver Island has now been "re-christened" the Gr

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Health Canada Announces Random Testing of Medical Marijuana Products

Health Canada announced today that it will begin conducting random testing (for unauthorized pest controls) on medical marijuana products...

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CCSF to grow curriculum with marijuana training

San Francisco’s two-year community college plans to roll out a cannabis curriculum following California voters’ decision last year to legalize recreational marijuana. As City College of San Francisco rejoices over the seven-year reprieve on its accreditati

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Elle vend du cannabis à son gendre pour manger | Stéphane Bégin | Justice et faits divers

Une dame de 53 ans de la rue Saint-Pierre à Jonquière obtient une absolution inconditionnelle pour avoir remis 2,5 grammes de cannabis à son gendre pour une somme de...

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Police chiefs urge government not to legalize homegrown marijuana

Allowing Canadians to grow their own pot will create too many problems for police, some law enforcement representatives say. They're asking the federal government not to allow the practice, at least not yet.

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Health Canada to spot check medical marijuana after tainted pot recall

Health Canada says it will begin random testing of medical marijuana products to check for the presence of banned pesticides after contaminated products led to reports of illnesses and the possibility of a class action lawsuit.

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Pot club not welcomed to core

With legislation to legalize marijuana expected in the spring, a new player has emerged on London’s increasingly crowded pot-dispensary scene.

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Insurer must cover N.S. man's medical marijuana: human rights board

A human rights board has determined a Nova Scotia man's prescribed medical marijuana must be covered by his employee insurance plan, a ruling that advocates say will likely have impact nationwide.

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Employee insurance plan must pay for medical marijuana, human rights board rules

A human rights board has determined a Nova Scotia man's prescribed medical marijuana must be covered by his employee insurance plan, a ruling that advocates say will likely have impact nationwide.

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Legalization of marijuana calls for ‘more thorough’ risk assessment from brokers: OIAA speaker

The legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes is “creating a challenge” for claims adjusters and brokers alike, with a need for customized insurance policies for producers and for updating lease agreements, a speaker suggested at a conference Tuesda

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Police close down pot dispensary Weeds on Bank Street

Ottawa police officers quietly forced the closure of a downtown marijuana dispensary on Tuesday afternoon.Ottawa police drew a security screen across the front window to obscure passerby from seeing inside. However, at least two officers were visible throu

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Uptown Saint John pot dispensary reopens after police raid

King Canna Medicinals, one of the six marijuana dispensaries raided by the Saint John Police Force last week, has opened its doors again.

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Violent armed robberies of Toronto marijuana dispensaries not getting reported: police

Police say the violent armed robberies of marijuana dispensaries in Toronto are a growing "public safety issue" made worse by the lack of reporting by owners.

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Chris Selley: Ontario’s contraband tobacco problem a lesson for getting marijuana legalization right

In Ontario, tobacco enjoys roughly the legal status the federal government intends to bestow upon marijuana and the black market is flourishing, with all the negative effects

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