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The Alberta Energy Regulator in the Post-Information World: Best-in-Class?

By: Shaun Fluker and Sharon Mascher PDF Version: The Alberta Energy Regulator in the Post-Information World: Best-in-Class? Statement Commented On: Alberta Energy Regulator Public Statement 2017-01…

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Liberal plan could save Albertans billions on electricity, says David Swann

The provincial Liberals have a plan they say will save Albertans billions of dollars in electricity costs over the next decade, leader David Swann announced Wednesday.

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Alberta PC party leadership race causing more board infighting

An executive member of the Alberta Progressive Conservative board, who introduced a motion to suspend longtime party insider Alan Hallman, said there was no dissent when the board passed a unanimous motion to kick him out of the party for a year.

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Councillor wants city hall to tell Calgarians about its $183 million in savings, but do they exist?

Nenshi is right. Math is challenging, especially when it's city hall math.Coun. Richard Pootmans wants a one-page or two-page handout with facts and figures, maybe even pie graphs, telling Calgarians where the city saved $183 million.The people in his west

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Make every vote equal in redrawing of electoral boundaries

EDMONTON—Representatives of Public Interest Alberta urged members of the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission to take action to resolve serious problems with Alberta’s current constituency boundaries.

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Submission to Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission – January 2017

Public Interest Alberta's Democracy Task Force has put together a submission to the Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission. The Task Force is encouraging Public Interest Alberta members and the general public to make a submission online as well. The deadl

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Braid: Faced with end of party, PCs ponder kicking out Jason Kenney

Will the Alberta Progressive Conservative party dare to kick out Jason Kenney at this late point in the chaotic leadership race? The PC board members just might just do it.  The fight for the old party is no longer political. It's existential. Does the Pro

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The gulf between the Paris Climate Agreement and energy projections

According to the Paris Climate Agreement a rapid decrease in the world’s consumption of fossil fuels is now mandatory if the Earth is to be saved from climate disaster. Projections of future energy…

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The Soda Police Learn a Valuable Lesson about Taxes

Philadelphians are obviously outraged by the skyrocketing cost of things as simple as a soda, which has prompted some businesses to post signs explaining why the drinks are now so damned expensive. Kenney said that this effort by businesses to explain the

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The Falling Price of Oil and Calgary Real Estate

Falling oil prices have impacted real estate sales in Calgary but price decreases are nowhere near what experts predicted

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Albertans can expect energy-efficient programs to be phased in by March, government says

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips says energy efficiency programs to help Albertans save money are now in the final stages and will be launched as early as March.

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World temperatures hit new high in 2016 for third year in a row

World temperatures hit a record high for the third year in a row in 2016, creeping closer to a ceiling set for global warming with extremes including unprecedented heat in India and ice melt in the Arctic, U.S. government agencies said on Wednesday.

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Expelled Alberta PC organizer seeks reinstatement, says he was denied due process

A campaign organizer banished from the Alberta PC party for a year for offensive posts on social media says he is filing paperwork Wednesday asking he be reinstated.

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How one Calgary man was overcharged on his electricity bill for 12 years

For the last 12 years, Steve Coutts has been paying his condo electricity bill on time and in full. Last summer, Coutts left his downtown condo in Calgary's west end and went on a five-week vacation. "I was quite shocked that I had this massive electrical

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Trudeau Speaks To All CANADIANS

Pm Justin Trudeau makes cross country tour to "reconnect" with Canadians. What are your thoughts?

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AUPE concerned about increase in private long-term care spaces

The government has set aside $365 million in its current capital budget for long-term care and dementia spaces, but some of that funding is being used through the Affordable Supporting Living Initiative, which provides funding to a number of different prov

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Alberta coal phase-out won’t make a difference to health & environment: Fraser Institute

Conservative think tank Fraser Institute says the concept of 'dirty coal' is out of date, and phasing out coal will do little to alleviate the burden on our environment and our healthcare system.

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  1. Justin Trudeau

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  14. Sandra Jansen

  15. Don Iveson

  16. Michelle Rempel

  17. Sheila Gunn Reid

  18. Kenney

  19. Sarah Hoffman

  20. Jessica Ernst

  21. Kathleen Wynne

  22. Kellie Leitch

  23. Kinder Morgan

  24. Brian Jean

  25. Rempel

  26. Christy Clark

  27. Stephen Harper

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  30. Jim Prentice

  31. Clark

  32. Ezra Levant

  33. Tesla

  34. Kellyanne Conway

  35. Levant

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  37. Ceci

  38. Stewart Phillip

  39. Dana Nuccitelli

  40. Joe Oliver

  41. Rachel

  42. James Hansen

  43. Lee Richardson

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  45. Ignatieff

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  1. Alberta

  2. Canada

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  41. Jerusalem

  42. West Bank

  43. Standing Rock

  44. Grande Prairie

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  46. Rocky Mountains

  47. Palliser Hotel

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  15. Supreme Court

  16. NASA

  17. Progressive Conservatives

  18. Alberta Legislature

  19. Calgary Herald

  20. Facebook

  21. First Nations

  22. EU

  23. United Nations

  24. Amazon

  25. Kinder Morgan

  26. Reuters

  27. MLA

  28. Keystone

  29. Enbridge

  30. Conservative

  31. Fraser Institute

  32. Justice

  33. Greenpeace

  34. U.N.

  35. Shell

  36. Greenpeace Canada

  37. Calgary Sun

  38. Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs

  39. Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

  40. Workers ' Compensation Board

  41. WCB

  42. Calgary Police Association

  43. Phoenix Heli-Flight

  44. Alberta Advantage

  45. Alberta Court of Appeal

  46. Lubicon Cree First Nation

  47. UN

  48. Parliament

  49. ISIS

  50. Supreme Court of Canada